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[28/03/2014] SHEEN: Girls' Generation YOONA - SHE-4031GL-7A

Baby-G: Girls' Generation Limited Edition
- BA-111GGA-1A, BA-111GGB-3A, BA-111GGC-4A2

[27/03/2014] SHEEN: SWAROVSKI Element, Pink Gold ion-plated
- SHE-3030PG-9A, SHE-3030SG-7A
[27/03/2014] SHEEN: SWAROVSKI Element, mother of pearl, SHN-5016D-4A
[27/03/2014] SHEEN: SWAROVSKI Element, Pink Gold ion-plated
- SHN-3008BSG-7A, SHN-3008SG-1A
[27/03/2014] SHEEN: Star-like accent, Pink Gold, SWAROVSKI, SHN-4015BD-7A
[26/03/2014] EDIFICE: Neon Illuminator, chronograph - EFR-536BK-1A2V, EFR-536BD-1A9V, EFR-536D-1A2V, EFR-536D-1A4V, EFR-536PB-1A3V
[26/03/2014] EDIFICE: Neon Illuminator - EFR-537SG-1AV, EFR-537BK-1AV, EFR-537D-1AV, EFR-537L-1AV
[25/03/2014] G-SHOCK: Master of G - Rangeman, Mudman, Frogman,
- GW-9400NV-2, G-9300NV-2, GF-1000NV-2
[24/03/2014] Standard Analog: Ladies, Feminine, LTR-18L-1BV, LTR-18L-7BV
[21/03/2014] Standard Analog: Ladies, LTR-19B-2B1V, LTR-19B-2B2V, LTR-19B-3BV, LTR-19B-4B1V, LTR-19B-4B2V, LTR-19B-4B3V, LTR-19B-6BV, LTR-19B-9BV
[20/03/2014] Standard Analog: Ladies, Feminine design, LTP-1384D-1B, LTP-1384D-2B, LTP-1384D-4B, LTP-1384D-7B, LTP-1384L-7B1, LTP-1384L-7B2
[19/03/2014] Standard Analog: Ladies, Feminine design, LTP-1385D-1A, LTP-1385D-7A, LTP-1385L-7A1, LTP-1385L-7A2
[18/03/2014] Standard Analog: MEN, DIVER LOOK
- MTD-1076D-1A2V, MTD-1076D-1A3V, MTD-1076D-1A4V, MTD-1076D-1A9V, MTD-1076-2AV, MTD-1076-7A4V
[18/03/2014] Standard Analog: MEN, DIVER LOOK
- MTD-1077D-1A1V, MTD-1077D-1A2V, MTD-1077D-7AV
   2014 FEB 2014 FEB What's New                                   FEB Slideshow
[17/02/2014] Standard Analog: LTP-E104D-1AV, LTP-E104D-2AV, LTP-E104D-4AV, LTP-E104D-7AV, LTP-E104L-1AV, LTP-E104L-7AV
[17/02/2014] Standard Analog: Ladies - LTP-E103D-1AV, LTP-E103D-5AV, LTP-E103D-7AV, LTP-E103L-1AV, LTP-E103L-7AV
[17/02/2014] Standard Analog: LTP-E102D-1AV, LTP-E102D-4AV, LTP-E102D-7AV, LTP-E102L-1AV, LTP-E102L-7AV
[15/02/2014] Standard Analog, MTP-E104D-1AV, MTP-E104D-2AV, MTP-E104D-4AV, MTP-E104D-7AV, MTP-E104L-1AV, MTP-E104L-7AV
[15/02/2014] Standard Analog: MTP-E103D-1AV, MTP-E103D-5AV, MTP-E103D-7AV, MTP-E103L-1AV, MTP-E103L-7AV
[15/02/2014] Standard Analog: MTP-E102D-1AV, MTP-E102D-2AV, MTP-E102D-7AV, MTP-E102D-8AV, MTP-E102L-1AV, MTP-E102L-7AV
[15/02/2014] Standard Analog: MTP-E101D-1A1V, MTP-E101D-1A2V, MTP-E101D-2AV, MTP-E101D-7AV, MTP-E101L-1AV, MTP-E101L-7AV
[15/02/2014] Standard Analog: MTP-E301D-1BV, MTP-E301D-7B1V, MTP-E301D-7B2V, MTP-E301L-1BV, MTP-E301L-7BV
[14/02/2014] Standard Analog: LTP-E301D-1AV, LTP-E301D-7AV, LTP-E301L-1AV, LTP-E301L-4AV, LTP-E301L-7AV
[14/02/2014] Standard Analog: Ladies diver look - LRW-200H-2BV, LRW-200H-4B2V, LRW-200H-4BV
[14/02/2014] Standard Analog: Solar Powered - MRW-S300H-1B2V, MRW-S300H-1B3V, MRW-S300H-4BV, MRW-S300HB-5BV, MRW-S300HB-8BV
[14/02/2014] Standard Digital: Solar Powered -, STL-S100H-1AV, STL-S100H-2AV, STL-S100H-4AV
[14/02/2014] Standard Digital: 10-year Battery life - AE-1300WH-1A2V, AE-1300WH-1AV, AE-1300WH-2AV, AE-1300WH-4AV, AE-1300WH-8AV
[14/02/2014] Standard Digital: Square face - A159WGEA-9A
[14/02/2014] G-Shock: Tiger Camouflage
- GD-X6900CM-5, GD-X6900CM-8
[14/02/2014] G-Shock: EMINEM Celebrates 30 Years of G-SHOCK
- GD-X6900MNM-1
[08/02/2014] Standard Digital: W-214H-1AVEF, W-214H-8AVEF,
W-214HC-1AVEF, W-214HC-3AVEF, W-214HC-4AVEF,
W-214HC-7AVEF, W-214HC-7BVEF
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Recent Product HighlightPress Release

March 14, 2014 Casio Releases Logosease Compact Underwater Walkie-Talkie for Scuba Divers
January 31, 2014 Casio Releases EDIFICE Metal Watches With Vivid Night-time Luminescence
January 24, 2014 Casio Renews Official Partnership with Infiniti Red Bull Racing F1™ Team
December 06, 2013 EMINEM Celebrates 30 Years of G-SHOCK
November 11, 2013 Casio Releases Lightning Yellow Collection, the Celebration of the 30th Anniversary of
October 21, 2013 Casio Releases G-SHOCK LOUIE VITO Collaboration Model - GLS-8900LV-2
September 17, 2013 Casio Releases G-SHOCK New Era Collaboration Model
September 11, 2013 Casio Releases New G-SHOCK RANGEMAN Tough Watches Designed to Help in Survival Situations
August 08, 2013 Casio Releases Big, Bold "G-SHOCK" Watches
August 08, 2013 Casio Releases G-SHOCK Watches Capable of Controlling Smartphone Music Players
July 16, 2013 Casio Releases New Baby-G with Multidimensional Face for a Textured Look
July 16, 2013 Casio Releases Limited Edition EDIFICE Metal Watch Designed in Collaboration with Infiniti Red Bull Racing
July 08, 2013 Casio Releases New PRO TREK Watch with More Advanced Outdoor Functions and Operability
July 01, 2013 Casio Releases G-SHOCK Watcheswith Color Variation, Based on GA-100 Model


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